Walt Disney World Trip Planner and Cost Calculator

Use our free and simple to use Walt Disney World trip planner and cost calculator. You can get a rough estimate of the cost of your vacation to see if it is in the cards for you. Once you know you are in the right ballpark of pricing, you can head over to the official Walt Disney World reservation site so that you can get a full price and book your stay.

There are a couple of rules and guidelines for this calculator:

  1. Disney Ticket Prices: we used an average price of the peak and low ticket prices. Walt Disney World now uses a dynamic ticket price system that is based on time of year, weekdays/weekends, and proximity to peak travel times (usually holidays). By using an average, your actual ticket price may be higher or lower than our projected values.
  2. Resort Prices: we used an average nightly cost of standard rooms at each resort tier. Like the ticket prices, this is just a projection and your actual cost may be higher or lower depending on the specific resort, availability, room type, and time of year.
  3. Dining Plan: at various times throughout the year, Walt Disney World rolls out free dining packages for guests staying on property. If you are planning to book during that time, feel free to select yes on the free dining option below. If you aren’t sure and just want a rough estimate of cost of the dining plan, we calculated it using the actual cost for the different plans. For a full breakdown of the 4 Disney dining plans, use our guide to figure out which one is best for you and your family.
  4. Park Hopper: the Park Hopper option is $65 for a single day, $75 for 2 or 3 days, and $85 for 4-10 days. There is also the Park Hopper Plus option that grants you the ability to visit one of the following per ticket days you have (1 entry for each day): water park, NBA Experience (Disney Springs), 9 hole round at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, mini golf at either of the 2 courses, or ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This option is $85 for 1 day, $95 for 2 or 3 days, and $105 for 4-10 days. For purposes of our calculator, we use the middle fee ($75/$95)


What are current Walt Disney World ticket prices?

WDW currently uses a dynamic pricing system to account for varying levels of travel. This differs from the previous system of peak, regular, and value. Tickets now vary every day of the year.

A sliding price scale is also used depending on the number of days you wish to attend. The more days you wish to attend, the cheaper it is per day.

The below charts represent the pre-tax prices for Walt Disney World tickets based on the number of days you attend. Your price will fall anywhere in between the ranges depending on the day of the year you attend. Plugging your days into the official WDW booking calendar will give you the exact price, but this will get your budget moving towards the affordability of going.

Adult Price Chart (10+)

DaysBase TicketBase Ticket w/Park HopperBase Ticket w/Park Hopper Plus


Kids Price Chart (3-9)

DaysBase TicketBase Ticket w/Park HopperBase Ticket w/Park Hopper Plus