Best Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl Route

The Disney Skyliner is the newest transportation method at Walt Disney World in Florida. If you’ve been in the last year, you’ve seen the gondolas flying through the air in the Hollywood Studios and Epcot resort areas. If you ended up here by mistake and are instead looking for an overview of the Disney Skyliner, check out our guide that includes a map and tips on how to use it.

For the rest of you, I’m sure you’ve heard of drinking around the world at Epcot, but today we are going to drink and ride our way through 8 resorts and hope we’re still standing at the end. You can start at either end of the list, but mixing up the middle of it means you’ve had too much to drink. Our preferred starting point is the Boadwalk Inn.

Drink at the AbracadaBar at the Boardwalk Inn at Walt Disney World. A short walk from the Disney Skyliner

1.) AbracadaBar

One of our favorites on this list is the very first stop! Who doesn’t love a magician themed bar when you’re hanging out at the Boardwalk Inn Resort?! You can get one of the magician house cocktails, a bottle of champagne, white wine, or red wine, or enjoy draft craft beer from all over the United States. My personal favorite is the Hoodunit’s Punch!

Phins Lounge at Disney's Swan & Dolphin Resort

2.) Phins Lounge

This is by far the widest variety of alcohol you can find on our Skyliner bar crawl, and so far we’re still 2 bar stops away from getting into the air! Phins is a modern bar located in the Swan & Dolphin Resort. The decor and atmosphere is more big city than Disney, but the variety of drinks more than makes up for the looks. On top of the normal house drinks, wines, and beers, you also have access to some top shelf tequila, bourbon, whiskey, rum, scotch, brandy, cognac, port, & sherry options. The Keys Margarita is a good option for a quick stop on our bar crawl.

Crew's Cup Lounge at Disney's Yacht Club Resort

3.) Crew’s Cup Lounge

We are now halfway around the Epcot resorts and we should definitely grab some water if we’re going to be walking straight by the time we make it to the Art of Animation. At the Yacht Club we are going to make a stop at the Crew’s Cup Lounge. This boating themed bar will provide something a little different from your usual pool bar or modern lounge. If you go after 5 p.m. but before 10 p.m. you will have access to the appetizer menu, which gives us time to add a little bread to the stomach. The Yachtsman Signature Bread or ‘Everything’ Pretzel are good additions to your stop. The drink menu is a little more limited than our first two stops, but you can still get your classic mixed drinks, quite a few specialty drinks, as well as beer and cider from across the United States. My all time favorite is the Piña Colava!

Hurricane Hanna's Pool Bar at Disney's Beach Club Resort, a short walk from the Disney Skyliner

4.) Hurricane Hanna’s

Our first pool bar stop is at the Beach Club Resort. This cute little shack type bar fits perfectly under the Disney theming of the resort, and feels great in the warm sun of Florida. Being a pool bar, you won’t have access to every liquor in the world, but there are a few specialty cocktails, frozen beverages, and a handful of beers. Going with the theme, our go to drink here is the Category 5. This is our last stop before taking to the air on the Disney Skyliner. Be sure to use the restroom before heading to the Skyliner station as it is usually a short line at the International Gateway Station, as well as a 10 minute ride to the Riviera Resort.

Bar Riva at Disney's Riviera Resort, the newest hotel at Walt Disney World on the Disney Skyliner

5.) Bar Riva

We’ve made it halfway through our crawl and across Buena Vista Drive to the Riviera Resort. This is the newest resort at Walt Disney World and themed like the European Riviera. Bar Riva will be our stop here, since we love the sun and pool bars so much. There are a handful of cocktails available, quite a few beers, ciders, and seltzers, as well as some frozen drinks, sangrias, and wines. Since we are quite a few drinks deep at this point, opting for something lighter like the Italian Sangria Blanco seems like a good idea.

Banana Cabana pool bar at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, the hub of the Disney Skyliner

6.) Banana Cabana

When exiting the Riviera to head to the Caribbean Beach Resort, there are 2 options. You can stay true to the Skyliner bar crawl and go through the air, or you can take a short walk through the adjoining resorts. Megan and I opt to go through the air, even though it takes twice as long and is a longer walk from the Caribbean Beach Disney Skyliner Station to the Banana Cabana. Upon arriving, it feels like a true Caribbean Beach bar and features some of the best themed drinks on property. You can also opt for beer or wine. Because I am a midwest simpleton, I go with the easy drink choice of the Banana Cabana, a mango, coconut, guava, and pineapple drink that is both colorful and delicious.

Petals Pool Bar at Disney's Pop Century Resort, one of two value resorts on the Disney Skyliner

7.) Petals Pool Bar

A quick trip across Hourglass Lake lands us at a fork in the road. You can head to either Art of Animation or Pop Century as they share a Disney Skyliner station. We take a quick left and head for Pop Century and Petals Pool Bar, a 1960s flower themed shack. It is not quite as exciting as some of the previous stops and features some of the drinks we’ve already seen, but the Poolside Iced Tea is a nice refresher from the sweet drinks we’ve already experienced.

The Drop Off Pool Bar at Disney's Art of Animation Resort, one of two value resorts on the Disney Skyliner

8.) The Drop Off Pool Bar

A trip passed the Skyliner station and over to the Art of Animation Resort brings us to our final stop on the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl: the Drop Off Pool Bar. It feels a little odd naming a bar after a children’s movie, but the theming fits and doesn’t have anything specifically tying it to Finding Nemo. Then again, we’re the ones doing a bar crawl at Walt Disney World… who are we to judge. Just like Petals Pool Bar, we see quite a few repeat drinks on the menu. These last two stops could definitely benefit from a remodel and revamped menu. We’re opting for the Bourbon Breeze since it is the last stop of the night.

Your Thoughts

Have you done the Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl? If you have, let us know what drinks you opted for at each stop, or if you stopped at a different bar than what we chose. Disney isn’t known for the drinking, even though you will find more than enough throughout the parks and resorts. We won’t tell Walt, I’m not sure he would agree with us doing this.

Mitchell T

Mitchell T

I'm 28 years old and I've been to Disney over 10 times in my life. 4 of those have been as an adult and twice with Megan! I love learning about the mystery behind the magic, Walt's life, and what's coming to Disney down the line! If I can share that with you, I'm doing my job!

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