Best Disney Hotels for Adults

Most of us may have fallen in love with Disney World as kids, but that doesn’t mean the magic stops when you turn 18. A Disney vacation can be just as, or even more fun as an adult. Driving onto Walt Disney World property under the massive awning is one of the best feelings of the entire vacation and brings nostalgia of visiting as a kid.

EPCOT Drink Around the World

Vacationing to Disney World as an adult is an entirely different experience and does bring its own unique challenges. One of which being, under all circumstances do not ruin the magic for kids. This includes over intoxication at Epcot!! This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, just don’t spoil it for others. If you are looking for something more kid friendly, definitely check out our best Disney hotels for kids list.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Beach

I don’t know if I could call Caribbean Beach underrated because it is very popular among guests, but it is definitely under appreciated when it comes to “best hotels at Disney” lists. The theming of a Caribbean resort in Central Florida may seem slightly tacky at first glance, but once you step foot on the resort grounds, Caribbean Beach blows you away. Mini beaches all around the grounds, hammocks, an awesome pool, a perfect pool bar for those of you looking to relax even more, and 1500 rooms spread out across 45 acres make it one of the quieter resorts to stay at. Couple that with easy access to Epcot or Hollywood Studios via the Disney Skyliner and you are looking at one of the best Disney hotels for adults. This also made our best hotels connected to the Disney Skyliner list.

Disney's Pop Century Resort

Pop Century

In the 90s Disney when gang busters building value level resorts to accommodate an expanding middle class that wanted the first class Disney experience. 5800 rooms were added with the All Star Music, All Star Sports, and All Star Movies resorts. By the late 90s Disney needed even more of these rooms and started work on Pop Century, an ode to the pop culture of the 20th century. Larger than life pop culture icons adorn the grounds situated on Hourglass Lake. This is more of a “Disney experience, but I don’t plan on spending a ton of time at my resort” style hotel. You’re not going to get the extras of having table service dining or entertainment. You will however get a very reasonably priced room on the Disney Skyliner route. This gives you easy access to 2/4 them parks. You are also a little more centrally located than the other value resorts at the All Star complex.

All Star Music "Rock Inn" section

All Star Music

The All Star Resorts are a fun and cheap way to experience the Disney magic. Megan and I stayed here the first time we came to Disney together as adults and loved the theming and experience. The bus ride to Magic Kingdom is a little bit of a killer, but you can stop in the lobby building on the way to get a hot or cold coffee. The rooms in the back (Rock Inn, Country Fair, and Broadway Hotel) tend to be a little more quiet if you’re looking to distance from other people at the end of the night. I will advise you to take a look at the ESPN Wide World of Sports schedule before you book your trip. The 3 All Star Resorts tend to be where the high school and college groups stay when they participate in events. It can get noisy if you get a rambunctious group of kids.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Best Hotel

Wilderness Lodge

Is that the Pacific Northwest? No! It’s the Wilderness Lodge. This is honestly one of my favorite styled hotels at all of Walt Disney World, but the location is a little less than desirable. It is tucked in the trees between the Polynesian and Contemporary Resorts, but not connected to the monorail. This means you are the furthest from the 3 adult parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and don’t have easy access to an aerial transportation method.

Disney's Swan and Dolphin Hotels

Swan & Dolphin

I might get some push back from other Disney experts on this one because it isn’t a “Disney” hotel. It sits on Crescent Lake with 3 other Disney owned hotels, but is actually owned by Marriott. You still get most Disney perks by staying here, including transportation and the overall vibe, but you don’t get access to extra magic hours or the dining plan. Still, this ranks up there as one of the best adult hotels to stay at as it isn’t all that “Disney-fied.” For a little extra fun, try our Disney Skyliner bar crawl.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, the perfect hotel for adults

Coronado Springs

Coronado Springs is one of my favorite resorts on property. I have not stayed here since I was a kid and it first opened, but I still remember the jaguar water slide being an awesome time. Since then they have added the Destino Tower to the property. This gives it more of a Vegas/Convention type vibe which is perfect if you’re looking for the best Disney hotel for adults. You also have the bonus of being halfway between Epcot/Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, making it one of the most centrally located hotels.

Disney's Riviera Resort, best Disney hotel for adults


Riviera is the newest resort to open at Walt Disney World and is mostly DVC level accommodations, but you can book through the Disney web site if you’re not a DVC member. Themed like the French Riviera you won’t find much in the way of traditional Disney characters. This isn’t to say it doesn’t feel Disney, you just don’t have some of the over the top animation theming going on. It is also home to the midway stop on the Epcot to Caribbean Beach Disney Skyliner route.

Disney's Contemporary Resort, ride the monorail at the best Disney hotel


What was once a modern marvel in the world of hotel building, the Contemporary can feel a little dated, but it is home to some of the best resort dining on property, has a monorail stop, and gives you one of the best views of nighttime fireworks on the entire property. These bonuses heavily outweigh some of the dated decor, making this one of the best Disney hotels for adults.

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside

Port Orleans Riverside

If you’re looking for a more relaxing and laid back stay at Disney World, Port Orleans Riverside drops you into the antebellum south and delivers the relaxation you are looking for. You won’t hear the noise of buses, monorails, or skyliners here, just the smooth current of the Sassagoula River and the occasional paddle boat coming from Disney Springs. A must stay for any adult or child at Walt Disney World.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, excellent hotel for adults

Animal Kingdom Lodge

What can I say that hasn’t been said about the Animal Kingdom Lodge? Premiere dining, animals right outside your balcony, the calmness of the savanna, and world class accommodations round out our list of the best hotels for adults at Walt Disney World. You won’t regret your stay here and you might find yourself wanting to leave the parks to return to the tranquility offered from your room.

Your Thoughts

Have you stayed at any of the above as an adult? Let us know in the comments! If you think something else deserved to be here, tell us. We love to find out what others think, especially when it comes to the best Disney hotels for adults.

Mitchell T

Mitchell T

I'm 28 years old and I've been to Disney over 10 times in my life. 4 of those have been as an adult and twice with Megan! I love learning about the mystery behind the magic, Walt's life, and what's coming to Disney down the line! If I can share that with you, I'm doing my job!

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