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Mitchell & Megan @ Animal Kingdom February 2020 | Mitten to Magic

Our shared passion for Walt Disney World started for both of us at a young age. Growing up in similar families, our parents passed the magic of the mouse onto us with great experiences at the parks.

Even though we are 3 years apart in age, we both grew up in the late Michael Eisner years. His passion for families having great experiences at Disney World allowed us to both fall in love with the parks we know today. Beyond going to the parks, we both grew up in the golden era of Pixar animated movies and the 1990s Disney Animation classics.

Being able to see the animated hero’s you loved on the big screen walking around the parks will always be memories we cherish and strive to create for others. Some of Megan’s favorite Disney films growing up were The Lion King, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc.

Mitchell grew up on the animated classics of Beauty and the Beast (older sisters always win), The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, and of course Toy Story. Cars and Toy Story are a definite tie for first place on his favorite animated movies! He has been to Disney over 10 times but half of them were between the ages of 1 and 10.

In the parks together we love to soak in the amazing details that Disney provides. Being able to see some of the finer details help you appreciate the thoughts and work put into the rides and theming of the parks. Even when we’re not in the parks, we love to resort hop and see what every hotel has offer. You’d be amazed at some of the cool things you see that someone took months out of their life to work on.

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